“Apologies again for the delay” – (So that’s all right then) – 24 Oct

Well after speaking to the DWP on 17 October I really wasn’t expecting much over the week that followed.  I held out a little bit of  hope that a letter would miraculously drop through my letterbox but sure enough the next Friday rolled around and even though I wasn’t due to sign I figured it might be a good idea to remind them that I existed just in case they’d lost all records of my application.  So on the morning of Friday 24th October I gave them a call which you can listen to here.

So once again, no clue as to what the problem is but a very sincere voice on the other end who is going to look into it and get someone to call back.

So in the afternoon someone did indeed call me back, someone who clearly thought they knew what the problem was and was ready and prepared to explain it to me as you can hear here.

Payslips? This was the second time I’d heard payslips mentioned; the first time was during a callback that I was unable to record a week earlier.  It’s coming into focus now: someone’s misread the abbreviation for passport and assumed they are waiting for payslips.  It’s clearly just carelessness on their part but let’s see if there’s any acknowledgement of culpability when they called back once again:

You can listen for yourself here.

To be fair, there was a rather cursory apology added in at the end there.  It’s just that if I had been equally negligent in fulfilling any aspect of my claimant contract I would have been automatically sanctioned for long enough to comfortably see me into my retirement.

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