Wishful Thinking – The art of being deceived – 14th Oct

At the end of the phone call made on the 13th, the nice representative at the DWP promised I would receive a call by 9:22 am the next morning.  At 9:20 am on the 14th I did indeed take a call, but as it was on my mobile phone I wasn’t able to record it.

I don’t remember the exact words that were said but I do remember that he had a very reassuring voice and for some reason I was left the notion that this time the documents had been acknowledged, or salvaged from the emergency toilet paper pile onto which they’d been tossed.  Foolishly I allowed myself to believe that a direct transfer might well be made to my bank account within a few days.  Whether or not this was justified given the language used I will never know; after all lying is supposed to be an activity in which the deceived party to some extent participates and therefore must accept commensurable responsibility.

In any case I’m pretty sure that I remember the guy indicating that I should get a payment in a few days.  This was certainly what I needed to hear as.my bank account had negatively exceeded the overdraft limit prompting a flurry of “direct debit instruction returned unpaid” notices from my bank along with the gut-punching realization of the inevitable charges incurred.

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